Oswald Chambers Triple Book Review

It has taken me a long time to get through all three of these books, partially because they are similar and so I read different books between each of them.

These Oswald Chambers books, are written from transcripts of old sermons and can be more difficult to read as they were traditionally spoken. I compare them to the readability of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, where it is often better to listen to it, but it is worth getting through because the true meaning and understanding of the content is amazing.

Spiritual Leadership

This one I worked through with a mentor, and that was really helpful for understanding the many different sides of leadership, especially servant leadership. It was helpful to really go through the discussion questions and gain a new perspective by going through it with someone else.

Spiritual Discipleship

I found this one helpful for one on one mentor relationships when you happen to be leading one. This is also helpful for living our life for Christ and showing Jesus to other people. It helps bring purpose to the intentionality of all your relationships and how you point them to Christ.

Spiritual Maturity

This one focuses more on your personal relationship with the Lord. I enjoyed how this one focuses on what the Holy spirit can do, but also the fact that our thoughts and feelings about certain things need to be backed up by scripture, because the Holy Spirit will never actually stray from scripture. It is God’s word and the Holy Spirit is God.

All in all I think that these books a great, especially if you are wanting deeper theological teaching. It is very difficult to read so if you have the chance to listen to them, that would be my suggestion! If you are more of a one at a time person, I would say to start with Spiritual Maturity and work from their and see if you even like this format of book. It does take some getting used to!

Enjoy your reading and let me know if you have any recommendations!


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