Community After College

I feel as though I haven’t written one of my traditional posts about how things are actually going in my life lately. But, it is just figuring out what I actually want to talk about!

Lately the main thing that has been on my mind in community. It has been something that has been difficult for me to find in this new season with being out of school and all that COVID has brought.

In school and college and that time in our lives I think we sometimes take for granted the opportunity to be around our peers, and others our own age all day everyday. We have access to planned events, and clubs, and things that cater to our age and interests. These make things easier to get to know people who are interested in the same things as you, and who are in the same seasons of life as you.

I also think that COVID has made things more difficult. Zoom meetings are just not entirely fun, and it is hard to get access to them; when it was often easier to find when and where to show up to a physical meeting.

That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been ways to find community. I am so glad that we have been able to go back to church. I am also thankful for a small group that I get to be a part of each week. That helps to keep me in community, and build some friendships.

But, then there are other spaces in your week where you would like to fill it with community. Having dinner with people, or going to lunch. And it seems like it is just harder to find stuff to be involved in; both professionally and socially.

I am very thankful that I still have some people to do things with! Community just looks different than it did in college, and that is something to get used to.

The number one thing I would say is to be intentional and ask people to do things. Even with friends have moved far away, keep up with FaceTime or Marco Polo. Sometimes being intentional will create amazing new friendships, or sometimes it will flop; and both are worth it!

This time can be tough. Both in this season of life and during 2020, and everything in between. But, community is the thing that gets us through. It gives us people to lean on, seek wisdom and advice from, to do life with, know we aren’t the only ones feeling the same way. It is so important.

That is why finding the spaces for you to join community is important. So questions to think about….

  1. How do you find community, especially out of college?
  2. How are you intentional with relationships?
  3. What ways do you like to get involved in a professional standpoint?

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