Why I Love Other’s Stories

We all have our opinions, thoughts and ideas; and how that shapes our perspective on life moving forward. But, how do we get there? How do we form our opinions, thoughts and ideas on things? How do we decide which drawer the silverware goes in or organize our calendar, if we even have one?

I think it all comes down to the way our brain works and our experiences. Our stories can dictate the way we view life. That is just one of the reasons I love other people’s stories. Knowing how someone’s mind works, what they care more about, or being able to understand their motivations; helps me to know the people around me more, but also how to care for them better.

Knowing other’s stories can also help me to understand a different point of view than my own, which can help me in how I interact with others, how I react, how I communicate and how I come about decisions involving others.

It can also be a source of inspirtaion for many. If we kept the moments of our lives and they shaped us private in our lives, we would never grow in deeper relationship with people. And we would not be able to see how we got there.

God does so many crazy things through our stories. Our stories is how He shows His glory, through our testimonies of what He has done. It also connects us to the people around us, with common threads to be able to see unique differences but also relate on the similarities, drawing us closer together.

For me personally, I love hearing other’s stories, it inspires me, something always sticks with me, I get to know the person better, and I get to see the uniqueness God made each of us with. When someone is sharing, it is all about the listening, because you never know what you will get from it.

Take the time, and listen to the people around you, see what you learn and what sticks with you.


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