Are You Ready For A Getaway?

Hey friends! I don’t know about you but between the snow, cooler temps, and covid keeping us more at home; I am ready for a getaway! They are many places on my list of where I want to go over the course of my lifetime, or places that I want to go back to; but right now it seems like going to those places is more of a fictional dream than something that can be a reality.

It starts to hit that I can’t go a lot of places when I open my airline account and see the points sitting there from cancelled tickets that would have taken me to the beach (one of my favorite places, especially when it is warm). So, instead of actually getting away I plan fictional trips: ones that are extravagant and ones where I take my frugal self to new heights. I save beautiful pictures on Pinterest, journal about the places I have been, look at guide books and websites to add museums and parks to lists of locations, and I look at all my trips past.

I have shared with you all some of the trips I have been on over the years I have had this blog. But there are also trips that I have been one before I started writing this blog that stick out in my memory as some of my favorites, or at this point they are all my favorite because I got to travel :).

These are just a taste of the pictures I look through that transport me to places like Florida, California, Colorado, DC, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Illinois. I have gotten the chance to go to many other places, and I want to go to so many more, but looking back on these and through this time, I have realized how much I enjoy travel and how much I took it for granted that I could just go where I wanted.

So if you want to catch me in my free time now I will be on Pinterest, or planning a fake trip, looking at photo albums, reading a book at my house but pretending its the beach, or going through a virtual museum pretending its the real thing! Here is to finding the substitutes to traveling till I can travel again!

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