Letter A Bookends Revamped

This is just going to be a quick little post! I have been working on some projects and one of them was taking these letter a’s in my room and taking them from lime green to white to better go with my color scheme.


img_3299img_3298img_3300img_3301img_3302If you are going to do a project like this with an object that had a bright color and now is going to white or a lighter neutral you will have to do multiple coats. Along with multiple coats you might also need multiple cans of spray paint.

My problems were:

  1. Sometimes getting too close and causing drips
  2. Not being able to get enough coverage on some of the nooks of the letters
  3. Not doing enough coats
  4. Doing the spray paint in the sun

Do remember to spray paint where there is airflow. Also if you want to be even more protective and cautious you can wear a mask. Now that these are white they look so much better in my room!

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