My Favorite Things: February

Hey friends! As always I am so excited to share with you my favorite things of this month. img_4753

I am so pumped because they are showing Gone with the Wind in theaters for two days only for the 80th anniversary. And since it is my favorite movie you know I will be there for one of the 5 hour showings with a big bucket of buttered popcorn.


Scooters coffee has these new cups, and I really like them! They are encouraging people to do loving things for each other, and participate in random acts of kindness.


This spray has been so amazing to use before I use heat on my hair. It helps protect my hair  so it doesn’t get so damaged from the heat, and it helps keep the frizz down in this dry weather!


I am really enjoying having these cute Red Bubble stickers on my laptop!



As I have learned from getting my colors done (Questions about it click here), wearing lipstick is very important to being your most confident! These are my red and pink shades and I love them, and they are perfect for this February!


I have awesome friends! Really! These beautiful flowers remind me of that!img_4860

I have always been a huge fan of straws, I feel like I drink more water that way. But, plastic straws just aren’t good for the environment, so I got a 5 pack of these plastic reusable straws and they are awesome.img_4861

I have never found a product that I feel like deeply cleanses my face as much as this product. It gets off all the dirt and grime that doesn’t easily come off every day.


Lastly, I recently got this bracelet as a gift. It is from What’s Your Word? And mine says Inspire because that is my word of the year (check out that post here)! I love it because it reminds me everyday the goals and purposes I have for this year.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite things of February!


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